Something I haven't experienced as a UX practitioner and recently came across is working for a "micromanager". In every position, working for a micromanager probably sucks... but as a UX Designer it hurts a lot my mental health and the quality of work big time.

This micromanager wants me to plan, size and estimate the work, for example, for after a user testing session even if we haven't done the user test session... It's kind of asking to predict what the outcomes from the session will be. This person wants me to also know, if I analyse data and look at analytics (which is something I love to do), how long will it take to make the changes, is it 1 day, 2 days... a week... without me even having a first look at analytics.

It's hard, but I really liked your ending "it's where you choose to work"... it's so true.

User Experience Designer. Creator. Curious. Reader. Optimist. Father of Miguel and Bernardo.

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